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DUA’S KNOWLEDGE POTLI Celebrated their 3rd Anniversary

Staff Reporter –

To mark the 3rd Anniversary of DKP(DUA’S KNOWLEDGE POTLI) and to take the journey to the next level,an event has been taken place in Kolkata at New Town Business Club.This Event was a reflection of the collaborative effort of many start – ups and business practiotioners. Dr.Ramakant Agarwal from Xavier Institute of Social Sciences,Ranchi as the Chief Guest speaker was there to grace the occasion.

Dua’s Knowledge Potli (DKP) is a progressive learning platform in 2020. Sanjay Dua, from XISS, Ranchi, founded DKP and he has extensive experience in Coaching, Training, and HR Consulting. In the last three years, DKP has touched the lives of more than 6,000

individuals with combinations of innovation, expertise, and implementation of contemporary training, coaching, and consulting practices.

“Never settle for anything less than learning.Be a seeker, be an Explorer! The first life is created in the womb of your mother and the second one in your mind. Whatever the would-be mother consume affects the development of offspring similarly whatever you give access to your mind affects the growth and development of your mind.
We all create our reality in our minds first. Let your mind be fed with the appetite for continuous learning, and keep seeking throughout your life! said
Mr.Sanjay Dua, Founder (Dua’s Knowledge Potli).


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