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Crompton’s Flagship Mini Master Plus Pump provides Faster Water-Tank Filling with Unique Hy-flo MAX* Technology

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A trusted legacy brand with quality, reliability, and innovation at its core, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd.’s launches its Mini Master Plus Pump, equipped with unique Hy-flo MAX* Technology. The latest flagship comes with an array of innovative features and speeds up the process of pumping water, thereby ensuring faster water tank filling in half the time.

Today, consumers are more informed and conscious in making decisions when buying any product. In Indian households, especially those living in joint families or staying in multi-floored bungalows, tank filling can take a significant amount of time leading to a lot of inconveniences. Therefore, pumps play a crucial role in supplying a fast stream of water and ensure faster tank filling. Keeping this in mind, Crompton with its flagship Mini Master Plus Pump has taken faster tank filling to a new level. The wide product range of technologically superior pumps provide the users optimum benefits including low maintenance costs, higher durability and performance, value for money as well as less energy consumption.

Crompton’s Mini Master Plus Pump is equipped with advanced features including Stainless-Steel sheet (SS) on critical components, like volute casing and adapter making it rust-free & provide a hassle-free operation. This ensures no issues like jamming or pump failure thereby guaranteeing a smooth flow of water. Moreover, its construction influences the pumps’ hydraulics that in turn, delivers a higher water output and better performance. The 4 key features that help in faster* tank filling and creating a seamless consumer experience include:

Big Impeller Size: Water delivery increases by 120% to 200% and Tank filling time is reduced by 50% to 60% due to 35%-50% bigger impeller size.

Powerful Motor: A powerful motor with bigger stamping and efficient design provides 60 to 100% more power, which helps in faster tank filling.

Unique Hydraulic Design – The unique design of Hydraulic flow path including hybrid pump (with SS insert) suction area and flow area, resulting in lower friction (water flow loss) and hence aids in providing consistently high-water discharge.

Warranty – Twice the warranty – 24 months emphasizing the quality of performance being delivered by the product

Speaking about its flagship product, Rajat Chopra, VP and Business Head, Pumps at Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. added, “Crompton has consistently delivered innovation that adds value to the life of our consumers. Pumps are a critical application especially in delivering water to ensure uninterrupted flow of essential utilities. With our consumer centric design approach, our flagship series is equipped with long-lasting quality and modern features. As a brand that offers meaningful solutions to every need, this is our endeavor to help in significantly reducing the time and effort of pump filling and enhance the quality of consumer experience”.


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