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Raat Rani of Bihar Represents the True Essence of Khelo India Youth Games

Staff Reporter –

Boxer Raat Rani from Bihar has come to Madhya Pradesh for the first time to participate in the Khelo India Youth Games. Hailing from a village in Bihar’s Munger district, Raat Rani has struggled to keep the fire for boxing alive within her. It is this aspect of her that makes her one of the best examples of the truest essence of Khelo India Youth Games.

The presence of light flyweight boxer Raat Rani, who is part of the Bihar team, in Bhopal speaks volumes about the success of events like the Khelo India Youth Games, where players from the grassroots level are given a chance to showcase their talent. Raat Rani represents the core essence of the Khelo India Youth Games.

On the other hand, what can be considered one of the finest examples of grassroots talent – the platform has been a dream come true for Raat Rani, who aspires to one day become a world champion like MC Mary Kom and Nikhat Zareen.

Raat Rani, a resident of Hasanganj, a small village in Munger, Bihar, has covered the journey to SAI Regional Centre facing many difficulties. Raat Rani, who turns 18 on February 2, is the sixth of seven children of a farmer who barely manages to make ends meet for her family. But these troubles did not stop Raat Rani from dreaming, which she sees with open eyes not in the night but in the day.

Practicing on the roof of a rented house in Hasanganj under the supervision of her brother’s friend, Rani said, “I am the only girl to play Khelo India Youth Games from Munger. It is a matter of pride for me. I have also played Youth Nationals (in Chennai). I am happy with what I have achieved in the last year and a half, but it is not in everyone’s capacity to bear the difficulties I have faced to achieve so much.”

Raat Rani, who defeated a Sikkimese boxer in the second round after getting a first-round bye in her weight category in Bhopal, said she used to practice on the terrace with her brother’s friend bare feet and with very cheap gloves. Raat Rani said, “For me the journey to a platform like Khelo India Youth Games is like a dream come true. After coming here, I realized how big the world is and how hard I have to work. I am not afraid of hard work and that is why I stuck to this game despite all the difficulties.”

Raat Rani said that she is happy with her achievements but not satisfied as her dream is to follow the path of Mary Kom and Nikhat Zareen and earn her name in the country and abroad.

Raat Rani said, “I am proud to be the daughter of Bihar. Whatever I have achieved so far has given me fame in my district but I want to go beyond and win medals for the state and country and the Khelo India platform will be a milestone in my journey.”

Before coming to Bhopal, Raat Rani did not know much about Khelo India Youth Games, but after reaching TT Nagar, her thinking about this event became very clear.

Raat Rani said, “It was very nice to come here. All the games happen here and you get a chance to meet so many players. Some of them are like me but I want to be different from them and that is why I want to win gold first in nationals and then for the country and for this I will work hard.”


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