Saturday, 15 June 2024


Top ways to beat the kitchen heat during Summers

Staff Reporter –

Summer is all about lazy afternoons, with family fighting over a board game or chilling with a bowl of cold whipped cream on mangoes.  But the summer dream vanishes when one has to enter the kitchen to cook for the family and tackle the never-ending mountain of dirty dishes. With the rising heat, our kitchen area tends to become warmer and becomes unbearable for people to cook or clean for long hours.

Akhila Dixit, a corporate employee and an expecting mother said, “Especially during pregnancy, I find it very tiresome to cook a healthy meal in a hot kitchen. I have started focusing on prepping for my meal and including a lot of salads and juices that be consumed cold to beat the heat.  This ensures that I don’t spend much time in the kitchen and yet eat a wholesome and healthy meal.”

Here are top 6 tips to follow this summer to be the kitchen pro you always wanted to become:

Plan your meals: Planning the meal beforehand saves a lot of time. Making a weekly menu and a list of ingredients cuts down the prep time considerably.

Tackle the dishes: Cleaning dirty dishes is a task, especially in summer. Bhavna Bhatia, a communication professional says, “Nimeasy is my answer to tackling dirty dishes. I just soak my dishes for 25 minutes for the lift off action to work. ITC’s Nimeasy has enzyme technology that helps remove germs and bacteria while removing stains and grease from dirty utensils.

Plan your cooking schedule: Meal prep is a time-consuming task. Plan your cooking to make sure that you spend minimum time in the kitchen. Activities like chopping vegetables, grinding etc can be done ahead of time. Plan your cooking when the temperature in your kitchen is bearable.

Clean as you go: On a scorching summer morning, nothing feels worse than starting the day in a messy and greasy kitchen. Hence, it is highly recommended to keep cleaning as you cook.

Experiment with no fire recipes: It is very important to keep refreshing our bodies during summer. Having cold dishes is something you cannot miss out on. Include sandwiches, salads, raitas, cold soups, buttermilk, fruit salad for an appetizing and healthy meal.

Keep hydrating yourself: While cooking or spending a significant amount of time in the kitchen during summers, don’t forget to keep a water bottle handy. Keeping yourself hydrated is the most important thing during this time of the year.  This prevents tiredness and exhaustion.

Remind yourself to include these above-mentioned methods in your daily cooking routine to make life easier and make it a summer to remember.