Sunday, 21 July 2024

লাইফ স্টাইল

A book of poetry “Oracle” was launched at the Kolkata Press Club on New Year’s Eve

Staff Reporter –

On the eve of poila boishakh and Bengali noboborsho, a special event of poetry reading and book launch of poems named “oracles” happened at press club Kolkata . Author Anish kanjilal was excited to announce the launch of his latest book, “Oracles” on 15th April 2023 on eve of Poila boishakh at Press Club . The book launch event was an evening of literary entertainment and intellectual stimulation for book lovers, writers, and avid readers.

“oracles “ the book is a five part series of poems which brings hope to the human spirit to see the truth and reality behind the veil of ignorance . The book has already received critical acclaim and has been endorsed by leading authors.

The launch event featured a reading session by the author and Director Kamaleswar Mukherjee brings out the positivity of book reading in today’s daily life . A special interactive session by none other than but our very own legendary director writer Kamaleswar Mukherjee graced the evening on a special note . Director also praised the poet and author Anish Kanjilal for beautiful renditions of the book . He also informed that he is busy in scripting for a biopic film which is going to disclose very soon .

“I am thrilled to be at launch of Oracles and can’t wait to share it with readers,” said Director Kamaleshwar Mukherjee. “This book has been a labor of love, and we’re excited to celebrate its release with our readers and fellow writers,” Said by Author himself.