Tuesday, 18 June 2024


IIFL JITO Ahimsa Run breaks world record for peace campaign with highest pledges

Staff Reporter –

IIFL JITO Ahimsa Run, an initiative of the India Infoline Group (IIFL) and the Jain International Trade Organization’s (JITO) ladies’ wing, has broken the world record for a peace campaign with the highest number of pledges received. The event, held on April 2, 2023, saw over 10,000 participants running across the city to raise awareness about non-violence and peace. The runners covered a distance of 10 km, starting from Saltlake. The record held by Guinness World Records was given to the IIFL JITO Ahimsa Run for gathering the most donations for a peace campaign in a single week.
Throughout the allotted timeframe of March 16–23, the effort earned 70,728 pledges. The run also seeks to break a different Guinness World Record by happening concurrently in 70 locations, breaking the previous mark of 49 locations held by a Russian organisation. The pledges included commitments to avoid violent behavior, resolve conflicts peacefully, promote communal harmony, and protect the environment.
The event witnessed the participation of thousands of people from all walks of life, including students,

professionals, social activists, and members of various communities. Speaking on the occasion, in a letter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that “the teachings of the venerated Jain Tirthankaras have been a driving force in constructing a better society, by promoting the message of peace, nonviolence, harmony, fraternity, and compassion.”
“Another excellent effort that unites individuals from various walks of life is the “Ahimsa Run” that JITO sponsors”, he added . Nirmal Jain, Chairman of IIFL Group, said, “We are thrilled to have broken the world record for a peace campaign. This is a testament to the power of collective action and the commitment of the citizens of Kolkata and other cities to promote non-violence and peace. We hope that this initiative inspires people across the world to take action for a more peaceful and harmonious society.”
The organizers expressed their gratitude to the participants and thanked them for their overwhelming response. They emphasized the need for promoting peace and non-violence in today’s world, which is plagued by conflicts and strife. The IIFL JITO Ahimsa Run has set a new world record for the most significant pledges in a peace campaign, and the organizers hope that the event will inspire people across the world to work towards creating a more peaceful and harmonious society. The event has been a massive success, with people from all over the country participating in the run and pledging their support for the cause of peace.