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Enbio to Transform Sterilization and Infection Control in West Bengal with the World’s Fastest Flash Autoclave Sterilizers

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Enbio Group AG, a global leader in medical autoclave sterilization technology, is set to make a transformative impact on infection control in West Bengal, particularly in the Kolkata Region. The introduction of the world’s fastest B Class and flash autoclaves signifies a monumental leap forward in providing cutting-edge equipment for infection control within hospitals, healthcare centers, and specialty clinics.

West Bengal grapples with formidable challenges in mitigating infections across all strata of hospitals and healthcare facilities. In alignment with the National Health Mission, the Health and Family Welfare Department of the Government of West Bengal has diligently executed the flagship Sushree (Kayakalp) program for the past eight years. This pioneering initiative is geared towards fostering cleanliness, infection control, and hygiene promotion across all levels of healthcare facilities. Despite these efforts, experts opine that West Bengal faces the imperative to intensify its initiatives in promoting infection control and ensuring the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals.

“In response to this, Enbio Group AG is aligning its global expertise with the specific needs of the Indian healthcare sector. The company’s expansion is timely, given the imperative to enhance infection control and safety for both patients and healthcare professionals,” said Mr. Sebastian Magrian, President of the Board, Enbio Group AG.

Renowned healthcare institutions such as Units of Narayana Health in Kolkata Region and Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata have already set a precedent by modernizing their Central Sterile Supply Departments (CSSD). These institutions prioritize hygiene and infection control, boasting world-class equipment infrastructure and dedicated personnel committed to maintaining high standards through rigorous quality assurance and control activities.

Hospitals/Clinics and health professionals are set to scale up the efforts to put in place effective and advanced sterilization processes with Enbio’s cutting-edge technology. Enbio Group AG, known for its cutting-edge Swiss-designed sterilization technology, is introducing advanced sterilization tech, including flash autoclaves, to elevate infection control measures in West Bengal. Flash autoclaves are internationally acclaimed for their ability to eradicate stubborn pathogens, reducing the risks associated with healthcare-related infections significantly.

Emphasizing Enbio’s commitment to West Bengal, Mr. Sebastian Magrian, said, “Kolkata and the entire West Bengal is our priority. In a very short period, we have established a strong presence in major Indian metro cities, ensuring that its cutting-edge products, including the compact portable feature, are readily available to a wide range of healthcare facilities. Our focus extends to the entire Eastern part of the country.”

Enbio’s autoclave sterilizers, designed to address the issue of nosocomial infections, provide flash sterilization cycles that significantly reduce sterilization time.

“The Enbio Flash Autoclave Sterilizer, a groundbreaking medical innovation, allows for swift instrument replacement in surgical settings. Its compact and portable design enables placement inside the operating theater, ensuring immediate use of sterilized instruments in just 7 minutes. This not only facilitates emergency surgeries without delays but also enhances patient outcomes and safety. On quality, our flash autoclave sterilizers comply with relevant regulatory standards and certifications,” said Mr Prashant Arer, India Head, Enbio Group AG.

The company has established a Logistics and Service Centre in four major cities, including Kolkata, to ensure the seamless availability of equipment and services to its rapidly growing customer base. Kolkata, being a major center, has witnessed firsthand the extraordinary capabilities of Enbio’s world-class flash autoclave sterilizers.

Enbio Group AG remains dedicated to expanding its sales and service network across the nation, with a special emphasis on the Eastern region. This strategic initiative aims to ensure complete coverage and support for valued customers, addressing the escalating demand for fast, efficient, portable, and reliable sterilization solutions.

About Enbio Group AG: Enbio, a leading global medical autoclave manufacturer, is part of a global capital group with a total turnover exceeding 200 million euros annually. Enbio DNA originates from over 30 years of experience in biotechnology and industrial hydroponics, where the quality of sterilization is a critical success factor. Enbio Group AG understands the critical role that sterilization quality plays in the success of its products. Designed in Switzerland, Enbio products are created from the ground up, by its in-house team of industrial designers, structural engineers, and software developers, constantly playing between the laws of physics and the impossible. Its expanding worldwide distribution network is supported by logistics and service centers located in Europe and the United States. The Group has been making logistics and services available through its partners in four major metro cities in India. Enbio Group has been making significant strides in entering the Indian Healthcare Markets with its innovative range of autoclaves. Notably, they offer the world’s fastest B-class autoclaves, alongside other cutting-edge products such as the Enbio Pro and Enbio S autoclaves.


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