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World Bath Day: Why you need to stop everything and incorporate shower gels into your bathing regime right Now

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Most days, we’re lazy, and a quick soap rinse manages to get us out of the house dressed. However, is that all there is to bathing? A routine hygiene practice? 

You’d think taking a shower would be a relatively straightforward task. After all, you only need to hop under the toasty water, grab a little cleanser, and scrub the day’s grime away. But hold on a second—there’s more to bathing than just getting rid of dirt.

Every time we step out of the shower, we want to smell and feel our best. However, we need more than a quick rinse to make that a reality. Today, as we celebrate World Bath Day, we will discuss the benefits of using a shower gel and how it can make you feel like the star of your movie and leave you feeling and smelling your best. Read on.

It Is A Treat For Lather Lovers: Most people say they genuinely feel bathed and ready when they experience an excellent lather. Body washes, or shower gels promise a great lather shower experience. Your skin feels much more pampered when you use that lather-rich loofah to cleanse your body. 

Using A Shower Gel Hydrates Your Body: Body washes come with skin conditioners which will make your skin feeling recharged and refreshed. Most of them come with hydrating and moisturizing properties, which make your skin feel soft and smooth for a long time, like ITC Fiama’s Happy Natural Shower Gels. Dermatologically tested and having a skin friendly PH, these are safe for sensitive skin. This range of Happy Naturals shower gels comes in two variants- Yuzu & Bergamot and Plum Blossom & Ylang.

Shower Gels Help Exfoliate Your Skin: How often do you exfoliate your body? It is rare. A loofah can help you exfoliate your skin and eliminate the dead skin layers. When you top the loofah with a shower gel and use it to wash your body, you gently remove any dead layers, dust, or impurities that got accumulated on your body. 

Shower Gels Are Travel Friendly: When you are on the go, shower gels are so easy to carry. Just open and use. The hassle-free nature of shower gels eliminates the need for carrying additional accessories such as soap dishes or soap savers. They come in various handy bottles that can be used for travel purposes. 

A Little Goes A Long Way: You don’t need to squeeze out the entire bottle while bathing. A small quantity of the product will go a long way. Even if you squeeze a little bit of the product, it will give you a rich lather. So, you also save a lot of money. 

Finally, on World Bath Day, as we celebrate the joys of bathing, it’s important to consider our personal preferences and specific skincare needs. Opt for a shower gel or body wash tailored to your skin’s hydration, exfoliation, acne treatment, or fragrance requirements, ensuring a bathing experience that nourishes both body and soul.


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