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Unstoppable Brilliance: A spectacular display by FIITJEEians leading the pack in JEE Advanced 2024 with 4 in the Top 10 All India Ranks

Staff Reporter –

Where winning has become a habit, FIITJEE is proud to announce the stupendous Success of its Students in JEE Advanced 2024. India’s premier coaching institute, FIITJEE, celebrates the remarkable performance of its students nationwide in JEE Advanced 2024. The results not only highlight their exceptional academic achievements but also validate the effectiveness of FIITJEE’s stress-free and holistic approach powered by their value system, ethics, and unique teaching methodology. Hardwork by both students and faculty has consistently produced excellent results and this is the 28th year in a row that the institute has aced JEE Advanced.

FIITJEE congratulates all the successful students for their outstanding results and wishes them enormous success in their IIT journey & life.

Ved Lahoti, a Two-Year Live Interactive Online Classroom Program (XI-XII) student of FIITJEE, Secured AIR 1with a score of 355/ 360 in JEE Advanced 2024in JEE Advanced 2024.

Aditya, A Four-Year Classroom Program student from FIITJEE, Secured AIR 2 and is also Delhi NCR Topper in JEE Advanced 2024. He has scored 346/360 in JEE Advanced 2024.

Aditya has secured AIR 185 with an overall 99.99 NTA Score in JEE Main 2024. Aditya has also performed remarkably and scored 95.8% in class XII CBSE Board.

He also won the Silver Medal in the Asian Physics Olympiads (APhO) in May 2023 in its first stage and in June 2024, later he was selected to represent India in Malaysia in the final stage of the Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO). He won Gold Medals in the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) and IJSO in March 2023 & December 2021 respectively. When Aditya was in class X, he qualified INMO in April 2021 and was also announced as the Delhi State Topper in MVPP in May 2021. He also won the Gold Medal in IJSO in December 2021. In February 2021, Aditya also qualified NSEJS & RMO.

Another student, Rajdeep Mishra, a Two-Year Live Interactive Online Classroom Program (XI-XII) student of FIITJEE also secured AIR 6 in JEE Advanced 2024. He has achieved a Score of 333/360 in JEE Advanced 2024. He also qualified IOQM, NSEP & NSEA Group B in December 2022.

K Tejeswar, a student of the SUPREME Four-Year Integrated Program of FIITJEE secured AIR 8, declared as Andhra Pradesh State topper in JEE Advanced 2024. He has achieved a Score of 331/360 in JEE Advanced 2024. He has secured AIR 83 in JEE Main 2024. He also performed remarkably and scored 98.1% in class XII AP Board and cleared NSEP & NSEC in 2024. He also qualified for INChO & INPhO in 2024. In the class X (AP Board) exam, he scored 95.16%. He also participated in OCSC- Astronomy in 2023 & won a Gold medal in IOAA in 2023 in Poland. He also cleared IOQM & IOQJS in 2021

This is not the first time that FIITJEE students have excelled in the highly competitive and prestigious JEE Advanced. FIITJEE has the sole distinction of producing the highest number of selections from classroom programs since 1997 in IIT-JEE/JEE Advanced, AIEEE/JEE Main since its inception. The institute has also been dominating various Olympiads since 2006. It has established itself as a beacon for students across 73 centres countrywide, 2 FIITJEE Global Schools, 6 FIITJEE World Schools, 10 Junior Colleges & 72 Associate Schools. This is proof of FIITJEE’s dedication and commitment towards unravelling the 100% potential of every student and enabling them to achieve their career goals across various streams, thereby establishing FIITJEE as India’s most trusted institute.

Ved Lahoti, AIR 1, JEE Advanced 2024 said “Joining the FIITJEE Two Year Online Classroom Program (XI-XII) was one of the best decisions I made. The quality of the teachers was very nice and whenever I had questions or did not understand something, I could easily get help from the teachers. Thank you FIITJEE, for helping me reach my dreams.”

Aditya, AIR 2 in JEE Advanced 2024 stated, “The learning atmosphere and committed teachers made it a valuable experience from the start. FIITJEE helped me realise my true potential. The classroom environment at FIITJEE is very special. There are regular tests and quizzes to check the understanding of each topic. The faculty here are extremely helpful and are always ready to clear our doubts. AITS (All India Test Series) was very useful for me and helped me evaluate and analyse my performance at the national level. I would like to thank my parents, teachers at FIITJEE, and all the staff at FIITJEE who have been instrumental in helping me achieve AIR 2 in JEE Advanced 2024.”

“We are immensely proud of our students for their outstanding performance in JEE Advanced 2024. These extraordinary results are a testament to FIITJEE’s unique pedagogy and the stress-free environment we provide. At FIITJEE, our approach goes beyond mere academic excellence. We focus on the holistic development of our students, nurturing their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth. Our meticulously designed curriculum and innovative teaching methods ensure that students understand concepts deeply and can apply them effectively.,” says Mr. R L Trikha, Director, FIITJEE Group.


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