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লাইফ স্টাইল

TOMORROW MAKERS 2022 -23, the Annual Graduation Show Organised by INIFD Lindsay Street

Staff Reporter –

INIFD, Lindsay Street is organizing its annual graduating show “TOMORROW MAKERS 2022-23” at Kala Mandir. This is one of our major events where the graduating students showcase their collections.  These collections are totally done by the students, right from the designing to cutting, stitching and finishing of the

garments. This year the students are showcasing 9 Collections.  This show is dazzled by eminent persons of the fashion and textile industry and guests from different fields, which offers various internship & employment opportunities for the students.

The Jury Members for the show are Rashika Kapoor , Swarup Dutta, Priya Priyambada , Amreen Asmal . Celebrity Jury members will also be there to add glamour to our show.  .The choreographer for the show is Ms. Tina Mukherjee. So, it is an eventful high-voltage charged up night with a gathering of stars and eminent young designers.

Fashion is a timeless appeal that captures an unthinkable desire. The design collections to be showcased there are explorations into ones deepest thoughts and expressions, in sync with the latest trends and styles.

INIFD Lindsay Street true to its mission as it prepares students for professional excellence in design, fashion and business by providing the premier educational experience that fosters creativity, career focus and a global perspective.


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