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SVF Television & Sun Bangla Present a Captivating New Show: “Roopsagore Moner Manush” – that confronts society’s notions of love and beauty

Staff Reporter –

SVF Television & Sun Bangla proudly announce the upcoming launch of their highly anticipated television show, “Roopsagore Moner Manush.” This captivating series dares to challenge societal norms surrounding love and beauty, promising to captivate viewers with its emotionally charged narrative. Leading the cast is the immensely talented actress Rooqma Ray, alongside Anjana Basu, Director Shamik Bose, Creative Director Aditi Roy and other talented actors, ensuring a mesmerizing family drama. The show is scheduled to air from 3rd July, Monday to Sunday at 8:30 PM, exclusively on Sun Bangla.

“Roopsagore Moner Manush” delves deeply into the age-old question: “Does love truly transcend appearances?” The TV show explores the tendency of individuals to prioritize superficial beauty over the depths of one’s heart. At the forefront is Annapurna, affectionately known as Purna, portrayed by Rooqma Ray. Purna is an extraordinary young woman residing with her family, whose exceptional beauty is only matched by her aspirations to fulfil her father’s dreams. Gifted academically and possessing unwavering determination, Purna faces the challenge of finding a partner who genuinely recognizes and admires her talents. What lies ahead for Purna’s own dreams, and will she be able to uphold her family’s hopes?  

Expressing her enthusiasm, Aditi Roy, Creative Director, SVF Television, states, “Through ‘Roopsagore Moner Manush,’ our intention is to bring forward the societal perceptions and redefine the concept of love and beauty. This show will deeply resonate with viewers, evoking emotions and prompting them to introspect their own beliefs and priorities.”  

Rooqma Ray, eagerly commenting on her role, shares, “I am thrilled to be a part of ‘Roopsagore Moner Manush.’ This show holds a mirror to society’s perceptions of love and beauty, and it is an absolute honor to portray a character like Purna. Through her journey, we hope to inspire audiences to look beyond appearances and value the true essence of a person.”  

Anjana Basu, an integral part of the show’s cast, adds, “Being a part of this trendsetting TV show has been a transformative experience. ‘Roopsagore Moner Manush’ challenges societal norms, and I believe it will leave a lasting impact on viewers.”  

Prepare to be moved by the compelling and emotive journey of “Roopsagore Moner Manush,” from 3rd July, airing Monday to Sunday at 8:30 PM, ensuring that viewers can embark on this transformative experience throughout the week.  


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