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Prominent Figures Join Ekusher Naree’s Mission to Support Women Entrepreneurs

Staff Reporter –

The chaotic year of 2020 was year of the start of rather an unstable Facebook group by the name of ‘Ekusher Naree’, started solely to broadcast and support women entrepreneurs all over social media. Although having some ups and downs on their journey, they are now announcing their fifth ‘Mega Exhibition’ ‘Basanta Bahar 2’ on 5th ,6th and 7th April, 2024 at @Utsav Marriage house, Deshapriya park.
Today Ekusher Naree has gained their recognition from their Facebook group, EKN page and YouTube channel over the past few years of hard work. And now they are proud to be announcing that Ekusher naree will be launching its own brand new website on 5th April 2024.
The name ‘Ekusher Naree’ may at first sound like two random Bengali syllables joined together to form a name, but in reality has a deeper meaning than many people may think. In Bengali the words ‘Ekusher’ meaning ‘21’ and ‘Naree’ meaning ‘woman’, represents the essence of the power that a woman of the twenty first century holds.

This online buying and selling platform was created with a vision for providing women who are yet to discover their own identity and financial stability in the 21st century a place. A place where they could open their businesses or even flourish them. Their products are broadcasted all over Facebook and YouTube creating the prefect environment for an online business, not to mention even the buyers are getting their best deals. From traditional Bengal sarees to hand crafts items every product is of a reasonable price and has the best quality.
I, Paromita Majumder am holding this Exhibition on the behalf of Ekusher Naree Facebook group for the celebrations of the Bengali New year’s eve and Eid. And Also to bring more recognition to our fellow entrepreneurs who have some of best quality products so that our buyers would get the best quality products & services.
This Basanta Bahar 2 exhibition will be providing products such as Bengal traditional silk Sarees, kurties, boutique items, home décor, paintings, handcrafts and many more.
Our inauguration will be done by none other than Mrs. Paromita Gosh (Founder & Director Candid Communication & Vice President WICCI). We are also inviting the famous Mr. Indroneel Mukherjee (Pageant Coach/ Fashion Designer/ Influencer & Creator) as our honourable Chief Guest.
Our eminent guests Mr. Biswajit Das (Senior Principal Correspondent,Bartaman Patrika) and Dr. Moutushi RayChoudhuri (MD DM Consultant Endocrinologist) will be supporting us with their presence.

Our guests to be welcome by the following entrepreneurs with their special gifts.
Urbi Roy -আশাবরী
Dona Dasgupta – ARSHII Creation
Pompy Chatterjee – SUTANUTI
Priyanka Basu Kar – Ensemble by Su_Priya
Piyali Chakraborty – পিয়ালীর আহরন
Moumita Basu Mitra – Moumii’s Creativity And
Poonam Naha – Chocozia Food Lab
The event is sponsored by BINARY along with a co-sponsorship by Computer Exchange and gate of event sponsored by following entrepreneurs.
Mou Dey – কায়া-কল্প
Piyali Basu -Shreesha Collection
Seuli Mukherjee – Jagruti Boutique
Sudeshna Bose – Sahodara Boutique
Pinky Dutta – Avilasa Saree
Priyanka Kar – Ensemble by Su_Priya
Moumita Basu Mitra – Moumii’s Creativity And


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