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Orchids The International School announces its partnership with Bhaichung Bhutia

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Orchids The International School, one of the leading international K12 school chains in India today announced its partnership with the torchbearer of Indian Football Bhaichung Bhutia through his Football Training Academy. Orchids is set to host its first Inter-school Football Training Camp from13th to 15th October 2023 in New Town, Madhyamgram and Joka Campuses respectively. This training camp promises three days of skill-building and sportsmanship among the students.

The camp will be hosted for three hours each day, divided into three age groups from Grade 3-6, Grade 7-9, and Grade 10-12. Starting on Friday, 13th October, participants will engage in focused training sessions led by specialist coaches from Bhaichung Bhutia’s team. 

Date & DayTimeCampus
13th Oct 2023,Friday3:30pm to 6:30pmNew Town, Joka & Madhyamgram Campus of Orchids The International School
14th Oct 2023,Saturday3:30pm to 6:30pmNew Town, Joka & Madhyamgram Campus of Orchids The International School
 15th Oct 2023,Sunday11:00am to 2:30pmNew Town, Joka & Madhyamgram Campus of Orchids The International School

The action-packed schedule continues on Saturday, culminating in a grand finale on Sunday, 15th October, where the Football Academy will be formally launched by Bhaichung Bhutia himself. Orchids The International School Football workshop has always been a favorite among parents and students, offering a blend of education, fun, and skill-building activities.

Dr Paramita Mishra, VP Academics, Orchids The International School, Kolkata, has expressed her enthusiasm about this workshop stating, “Embracing the spirit of sportsmanship and learning, our Inter-school Football Camp demonstrates our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a love for the beautiful game. We are thrilled to have the popular football icon, Bhaichung Bhutia and look forward to an inspiring and enriching experience for all our participants.”

Registrations for the Orchids The International School Football Camps are now open and can be done through Link:


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