Monday, 25 September 2023

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Nominations Now Open for the 12th CavinKare-MMA ChinniKrishnan Innovation Awards

Staff Reporter –

Indian entrepreneurs and businesses are invited to submit their nominations online for the 12th edition of the prestigious CavinKare-MMA ChinniKrishnan Innovation Awards. Startups and SMEs with an annual revenue not more than Rs.50 crores in FY2021-22 can now apply at or by giving a missed call to +91 97899 60398, providing the necessary details. The deadline for nominations is 15thJuly, 2023.

The CavinKare-MMA ChinniKrishnan Innovation Awards, initiated by CavinKare, a FMCG conglomerate, in collaboration with Madras Management Association (MMA), acknowledges entrepreneurs for the uniqueness of their product or service, considering its scalability, sustainability and societal benefits. Winners will receive a cash prize of Rs1 lakh, along with support for marketing, finance, design, packaging, patent application R&D and HR.

Each year, CavinKare presents this award to honor the late Shri R. Chinnikrishnan, known as the “father of the sachet revolution” and the father of Mr. C K Ranganathan, Chairman & Managing Director of CavinKare Pvt.Ltd.

Since its establishment in 2011, the CavinKare-MMA ChinniKrishnan Innovation Award has celebrated the entrepreneurial spirit, with more than 32 entrepreneurs recognized in various categories to date.


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