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Matter names its first geared EV motorbike “AERA,” announces models, and introduces disruptive pricing

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Matter, an innovation-led tech start-up, named its much-anticipated motorbike, “AERA,” representing the “winds of change.” Matter aims to disrupt through tech innovations and lead the electric vehicle (EV) transition towards a sustainable future.

Matter AERA variants are called AERA 4000, AERA 5000, AERA 5000+ with pre-register price for AERA 5000 will be ₹ 1,43,999/- and AERA 5000+ will be ₹ 1,53,999/- with one uniform pre-register price across India. Matter AERA comes with 5kWh battery pack, the pre-register prices are considering the central governments support through subsidies and GST slab. The state government benefits can be availed of by the customers during the registration process. Further, AERA 6000+ will soon be launched with a 6-kWh battery pack.

Featured with contemporary sporty looks, cutting-edge technology, powered by a state-of-the-art in-house built liquid-cooled battery pack and powertrain Matter AERA is more than just a motorbike, but it is poised to represent the 22nd Century motorbike.

Matter AERA disrupts existing paradigms by incorporating manual gear shifting in an electric motorbike and challenges paradoxes by delivering thrilling performance at an economical cost of ownership. 

Mohal Lalbhai, Founder and CEO of Matter Group, said: “AERA truly represents our philosophy to be an agent of change, challenging the status quo through the tech innovations. We not only sought to create a mobility solution that defies expectations of what an EV can achieve in India but also create the pathways for wider transition to sustainable means of mobility. While achieving it, we would not like to accept that consumers need to pay a hefty premium to bring about the change. And hence, over the last four years, Matter has built a product from scratch, adopting vertical integration as its core principle and incorporating the invaluable feedback of its consumers. Today we are extremely delighted to make the most futuristic motorbike, the AERA, available to all fellow countrymen at an interesting price and with options to choose from. We are thankful to the motorbikers out there for their response and appreciation towards AERA’s design and technology, and we see that the AERA will be a pivot for major shift towards EVs, as motorbikers take that one step along with Matter”

Arun Pratap Singh, Co-founder and COO of Matter Group, said: “We at Matter would like to continually work with technology and innovation to create new mobility forms and experiences, AERA is a true representation of our values, we are happy to offer range of tech features through AERA to our customers. AERA will help consumers to adopt the new cleaner means of mobility and ensure the wider transition to EVs, we have created the product which suits to Indian geographic and climatic conditions, our teams’ deep thought process is always working towards creating the new products and experiences through tech innovations.

AERA Prebook will soon be announced in the Indian market


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