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Kaushik Dasgupta trying to promote Bengali talents in Cricket Australia

Staff Reporter –

Kaushik Sunny Dasgupta, a Bengali by heart but Australia-based, has established Sutton Derby Cricket Club in Australia. This dream venture of Kaushik is ready to flourish under Adelaide and Suburban Cricket Association and Cricket Australia. Kaushik Dasgupta is a South Pointer and the first Bengali who owns a Cricket Club in Australia.

Sutton Derby Cricket Club is playing in Grade A Section A and is amongst the best 7 teams in the Club League 2023 of Cricket Australia.
Kaushik Das Gupta is himself an acclaimed First Class Cricketer from Bengal.
He is a Level 2 Qualified Coach of Cricket Australia and England Cricket Board.
He was also an outstanding performer in Australian Club Cricket.
Besides his cricketing achievements, he has gained considerable success in his other ventures like restaurant chain, IT & Accounts. Kaushik has kept up his passion for Cricket and has connections with many Indian Cricketers who were his colleagues in his childhood. He truly believes that with his expertise and ability, he can make his First Grade A Club in Australian Cricket a grand success.

During an informal media interaction virtually with HELLO KOLKATA, Kaushik recounted about his childhood days, reminiscing the days when he used to play for South Point school, then in levels of District, State, University and Nationals.
He informed that he was a very good performer on field but had to leave playing cricket with ligament tear on both legs.
Kaushik believes that Cricket is a super game to stay active, wherein you can explore your passion out in the green under open sky and be fresh from all the stresses of your life and perform for the highest level.

As a die-hard Bengali and patriot in heart, Kaushik wants give opportunities to the good talented players from India and specifically from Bengal who have the dream to make it big but who are deprived from playing Grade A.

During the informal chat show of Kaushik with his co-Pointer Asish Basak, Editor-Director of HELLO KOLKATA, members of Pointers Business Forum also joined in.

PBF officials expressed their pride and pleasure in having in its fold the talented and accomplished member Kaushik Sunny Dasgupta (1994 HS batch).
Everyone is looking forward to the day when Kaushik will reach the pinnacle and realize his dream of promoting Indian talents in Australia.


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