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GOVO launches its brand-new TWS GoBuds 445 at just Rs. 1,299/-

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Introducing GOVO GoBuds 445 True Wireless earbuds, the highly anticipated earbuds, poised to redefine the way we experience sound. This new addition to the earbuds category goes beyond previous limitations, completely transforming bass performance to offer an exceptional audio experience that is guaranteed to leave users in awe. Step into an unmatched realm of captivating sound as these brand-new TWS earbuds make their debut.

In 2022, the global market for earphones and headphones was worth USD 58,259.2 million. This value is expected to grow by 12.6% annually from 2023 to 2030, thanks to the rising demand for earbuds driven by technological advancements and convenience. Leading this trend, the GOVO GoBuds 445 earbuds are changing the way we experience sound, with its unique design, advanced sound quality, and strong bass. These earbuds also come with the latest Bluetooth V5.3 technology and features catering the requirements of the ever demanding market

Commenting on the launch of the GOVO GoBuds 445 True Wireless earbuds, Mr. Piyush Jalan, Co-Founder and COO of GOVO, shared his insights, stating, “We’ve taken a step beyond the previous version by enhancing the bass performance to provide an even more impressive audio quality. These highly anticipated earbuds offer a significant upgrade, ensuring even better music enjoyment with added features and better connectivity. The GOVO GoBuds 445 serves as a testament to our commitment, showcasing an unmatched design, remarkable sound quality, and skilful handling of music elements, all coming together to create an exceptional audio experience for our users”

Here are the salient features of the GOVO GoBuds 445 True Wireless earbuds:

·         Bluetooth V5.3: Enjoy seamless connectivity up to 30 feet away, coupled with convenient access to the Voice Assistant

·         Rich Sound: Experience a finely tuned sound that delivers impactful punch, even at a 20 Hz frequency

·         Water-Resistant: Crafted to endure water and splashes, these earbuds proudly boast an IPX5 water resistance rating.

·         Fast Charge: A mere 5-minute charge grants you an uninterrupted 120 minutes of music and call time

·         Voice Assistant: Effortlessly activate your Google or Siri voice assistant with a simple touch on your earbud

·         Super Touch Control:  Operate your earbuds with ease through intuitive touch control, leaving your device behind

·         Gaming Mode: Immerse yourself in your favourite games with the 50ms Low Latency mode, erasing lag for a seamless gaming experience

·         72 Hours Battery: Elevate your audio journey with an impressive 72 hours of playtime, made possible by the substantial 600mAh battery capacity

·         Quad Mic Enclosure: Elevate your entertainment with noise cancellation and effective background noise suppression, ensuring crystal-clear audio quality

The GOVO GoBuds 445 True Wireless earbuds is priced at Rs. 4,999/- and can also be easily purchased from Amazon at an introductory limited-time price of just Rs 1,299/- . This product comes with a one-year warranty and is available in the colour Platinum Black.


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