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Echoes of Earth: India’s Greenest Music Festival Arrives in Kolkata, Promoting Sustainable Art and Conservation

Staff Reporter –

Witness an enthralling mini-concert like never before as Echoes of Earth, India’s Greenest Music Festival, arrives in Kolkata. This festival, known for its celebration of music, art, and culture, is set to captivate the city of joy on 4th November.

The mini-concert will mesmerize you with diverse musical genres while raising awareness about the delicate balance between nature and art. In collaboration with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) India, the event will feature a thought-provoking panel discussion, “The Royal Stripes: Sundarbans and its tigers,” shedding light on the pressing issues faced by West Bengal’s biodiversity. The panellists included Debmalya Roy Chowdhury, Senior Project Officer, WWF-India and Joydip Kundu, Member of State Board for Wildlife.

Parvaaz and Whale in the Pond will bring an enchanting blend of melodies to the vibrant city, filling the air with their captivating sounds. But the convergence of music and culture doesn’t end there. Echoes of Earth has partnered with the Fishing Cat Project to host an educative storytelling workshop, aiming to create tolerance and empathy for the elusive wild cat species among locals.

Join Echoes of Earth in their mission to ignite positive change and foster a global community committed to environmental advocacy. Experience the magic of music while discovering the interconnectedness between the local ecosystem and the need for conservation and sustainability. Don’t miss this extraordinary event, a celebration of nature, art, and unforgettable moments.

Date: 4th November 2023
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe
Timing: 7 PM onwards


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