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Do your Washed Clothes Smell Clean During Monsoons?

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During the monsoon season, it is not just the rejuvenating rain that arrives. The season also brings with it the risk of germs and bacteria affecting your clothes. The rise in humidity and moisture provides an ideal breeding ground for these microorganisms, leading to unpleasant damp smells and potential hygiene concerns. But first, let us understand what makes our clothes smell.

According to American Society of Microbiology, body odour is caused by bacteria on the skin like– Corynebacterium and Staphylococcus species – that break down the sweat and produce the volatile organic compound (VOCs) that cause clothes to smell. If not washed thoroughly, sweat and dirt accumulate on fabrics, leading to noticeable bad smells and potential discoloration or yellowing of the garments. The issue becomes more pronounced during the monsoon season when sweating encourages bacterial growth in the fabric, releasing unpleasant damp smells.

By adhering to simple washing and disinfection practices, you can get rid of unpleasant smells in your fabrics. Here are effective solutions to address your laundry-related issues and ensure that your wardrobe remains consistently fresh:

  1. Wash immediately: It is highly advisable to wash clothes immediately after getting home as it helps you get rid of germs and foul smell. Damp clothes can be a breeding ground for germs. The clothes should be washed frequently rather than stacking them in the laundry bag or washing machine. Immerse in detergent solution and use mechanical action (scrubbing) to remove dirt/soil.
  2. Use Sunlight to Your Advantage: Take advantage of sunny days during the monsoon season. When the weather permits, hang your laundry outside. Sunlight acts as a natural antibacterial agent, effectively eliminating odors and keeping your clothes fresh. Just make sure to bring them indoors if it starts raining unexpectedly!
  3. Use a Laundry Disinfectant & Refreshing Liquid: Simple washing is not enough! A post wash product like Savlon Laundry Disinfectant & Refreshing Liquid kills 99.9% germs such as virus, fungi, and bacteria, including odour causing bacteria.* The disinfectant liquid has a floral bouquet fragrance. The fragrance lasts up to 72 hrs#. The unique formula doesn’t contain bleach and attacks the root cause of bad smell which is the bad smell causing bacteria. It is safe and gentle on clothes. #It can be used on a varied range of fabrics such as cotton, woollen, rayon, nylon, polyester-cotton blend olefin, chiffon, satin, baby cloth hosiery material, and denim.
  4. Dry Clothes Completely Before Storing: Before folding your clothes and stacking them up in your wardrobe, it is vital to ensure that they are completely dry. Moisture trapped in garments can lead to a musty odor and potentially even mold growth over time. Take the time to check each item thoroughly, and if you find any clothes that have not dried completely, it is best to wait for them to dry before storing them.
  5. Regularly Clean the Washing Machine: A clean washing machine is vital for maintaining fresh and clean clothes. Over time, residues and molds can build up in the drum, detergent dispenser, and filters, leading to unpleasant smells. Make it a habit to regularly clean your washing machine.

Do not let the monsoon season dampen the freshness of your clothes. By following these monsoon laundry tips, you can ensure that your clothes remain fresh, clean, and away from musty odours throughout the rainy weather.


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