Sunday, 21 July 2024


AG&P Pratham Reduces CNG Prices by Rs.2.50 per kg in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh

Staff Reporter –

With a commitment to reward vehicle owners that are increasingly choosing natural gas fuel in the region, AG&P Pratham, one of the leading city gas distribution players in the countryproudly announceda significant reduction in its CNG price by Rs.2.50 per kg in the states of Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Starting March 7thonwards, the revised CNG rate aims to provide vehicle owners with enhanced savings, fostering a steady growth of CNG vehicles in the districts they operate namely Alappuzha, Kollam, Thiruvananthapuram, Nellore, Chittoor, Tirupati, Anantapur and Kadappa.

Mr. Thivahar Bethune, VP Marketing, AG&P Pratham, expressed enthusiasm about the price drop, stating, “We at AG&P Pratham are happy to announce the CNG price reduction in our operating districts of Kerala and Andhra Pradesh for the benefit of CNG customers. 3W Autos, Cars, Small Commercial Vehicles, Trucks and Bus owners using CNG fuel can now save up to 35% and 50% compared to Diesel and Petrol respectively. Our company continues its unwavering commitment to promote natural gas as a fuel source emphasizing its safety, convenience, and economic advantages over traditional fuels. This price reduction move aims to further elevate CNG’s status as the preferred fuel among vehicle owners by offering higher savings to consumers amidst inflationary pressures and encourage vehicle owners to switch to CNG.”

DistrictCurrent CNG Price           (Post reduction)

AG&P Pratham is highly focused on promoting CNG as an alternative automobile fuel. Using CNG in vehicles results in lower emissions and cleaner combustion, contributing to a safer and more environmentally friendly option for transportation.

In Kerala, AG&P Pratham currently operates 34 CNG stations and plans to set up 150+ more CNG stations and in Andhra Pradesh, it currently operates with 42 CNG stations and plans to set up 200+ more CNG stations over the coming years. AG&P Pratham remains focused on laying the necessary infrastructure in terms of increasing CNG Stations and Gas pipeline networks, contributing to increased confidence in the adoption of natural gas as an alternate energy source. The company also remains steadfast in its mission to create a positive impact on the environment, promote sustainable practices, and enhance the overall quality of life for the residents across the regions.