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“ACC AEROMaxX” a State-of-the-art ultralight filler and insulation Concrete launched in Delhi & Hyderabad

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ACC Limited, the cement and building material company of Adani Cement and part of the Adani Group, launches ‘ACC AEROMaxX’ in Delhi and Hyderabad, adding a new dimension to the construction industry through its state-of-the-art ultralight filler and insulation concrete. It is a specialized kind of mineral foam-based insulating technology and a unique superlight concrete that becomes a long-lasting roofing solution insulating the surface at the time of construction itself.

ACC AEROMaxX is a specialized kind of mineral insulation foam comprising of cementitious slurry designed specifically to form well-distributed air bubbles within, resulting in desired Thermal Insulation. It is available in low densities of 300 kg/m3 and above and promises to deliver these low densities on a consistent basis owing to the precise formulation coming from the rich R&D experience of ACC. It is fully fire-resistant, long-lasting, and sustainable. It can fill any type of shape and cavity. ACC AEROMaxX offers a wide range of solutions between thermal insulation and structural efficiency by reducing deadweight.

ACC AEROMaxX, with its superior thermal insulation properties, helps control the interior temperature compared to the exterior temperature. Thus, increasing energy efficiency and reducing impact on climate change. It is the lightest of the light which significantly reduces the dead load of the structure and produces structural efficiency compared to the existing filler solutions. Not only does it bring structural efficiency but also cost efficiency due to reduced deadweight.

Mr. Ajay Kapur, CEO, Cement Business, said “We will continue our proactive approach to developing low-carbon products and sustainable solutions through our research and development capabilities. With the launch of ACC AEROMaxX, customers now have the option to choose concrete that reduces their impact on climate change through energy efficient and sustainable building solutions. We will continue to launch other innovative ‘Green Cement’ solutions as the sustainability needs of our market evolve and mature.”

ACC AEROMaxX can be used for a variety of applications such as:

Roof Terraces: With its low density ranging from 300 kg/m3 and above can be placed on the roof slab to provide thermal insulation and slope at the same time. With ACC AEROMaxX on top, the inside of the house can be cooler up to 5° in peak summers and warmer up to 5° in peak winter.

Lightweight Fill: ACC AEROMaxX can be used for all types of filling applications ranging from sunken slabs to cavity filling to composite slabs. With its low density, it is super effective to reduce the structural dead load.

Additionally, it can be used for Hollow blocks, Insulation layer below screeds, Lightweight and Intermediary floors

ACC AEROMaxX for Living: For homeowners, choosing ACC AEROMaxX is about peace of mind, comfort, and health. ACC AEROMaxX provides sustainable insulation, better air quality and fire resistance.

·         ACC AEROMaxX for Building: For homebuilders, ACC AEROMaxX is hassle-free, easy to use, and adjustable. ACC AEROMaxX brings a lot of benefits like building and insulating at the same time, it is an adaptable technology, easy to use, and hassle-free. 

·         ACC AEROMaxX for Designing: As an architect and design consultant reaching ambitious energy efficiency targets in a sustainable way are crucial in a building’s design. ACC AEROMaxX provides sustainable insulation, insulating efficiently, durable, fire resistant, and healthy environment.

The company’s emphasis is on expanding the range of sustainable solutions to accelerate the transition towards low-carbon and circular buildings. In the quest to significantly contribute to the goal of Net-Zero, we have set the most ambitious 2030 climate goals in the cement sector.


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