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82°E’s Anniversary Surprise: Launches it’s Iconic Skincare Products In Minis

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As Global Indian icon Deepika Padukone’s modern self-care brand, 82°E celebrates its one year journey, the brand is thrilled to announce the launch of its Mini’s collection. This range features ten of 82°E’s most-loved skincare products: Lotus Splash, Sugarcane Soak, Ashwagandha Bounce, Cucumber Quench, Gotu Kola Dew, Bakuchiol Slip, Turmeric Shield, Licorice Beam, Patchouli Glow and Manjistha Mud.

Since its launch in November 2022, the brand has been on a remarkable journey by achieving multiple product sell out successes, shipping to 36 countries across the globe and most importantly, winning awards for its high quality formulations in India and globally.

‘At 82°E, our mission is to make the practice of self-care a simple, joyful and effective part of our consumer’s everyday lives. The past year has been absolutely gratifying and we are overwhelmed by the sheer love and loyalty we have received from our community across the globe. Since our early days, our community was keen that we introduce travel friendly sizes, and today, as we celebrate our 1st Anniversary, we are thrilled to launch these ‘Little Joys,’ said Deepika Padukone, Co-Founder, 82°E.

Ideal for both travel and trial, consumers now have the opportunity to try or test out 82°E’s most loved Cleanse – Hydrate- Protect routines and other essential, pamper products in compact, trial-size options. Through an innovative drop strategy, the brand has launched 12 products through monthly drops that has helped create a dedicated and engaged community of skincare enthusiasts around the world.

When we launched 82°E a year ago, we decided to take the approach of a drop strategy with a relentless focus to keep the consumer at the center of everything we do. This strategy empowered us to gather continuous feedback and work on formulations and products based on their inputs. The Minis is another example of how the brand has listened to the consumer and delivered what they asked for. The addition of Mini’s not only caters to the needs of our consumers, for travel friendly sizes but also invites new consumers to experience the world of 82°E and begin their self-care journey,” said Jigar K Shah, Co-Founder, 82°E.

With the launch of Minis, 82°E is collaborating with a young and exciting artist Rae Zachariah, to create two collectible pouches inspired by the rituals and joys of self care. Consumers can indulge in and gift the present of self care to themselves and their loved ones. These limited edition pouches will be available in two designs and for the first 300 consumers who purchase a signature CHP routine form the brand.

These little joys of 82°E’s products are perfect for testing out various skincare options and conveniently fitting into bags while traveling as well, allowing consumers to maintain their skincare routine regardless of their location and staying refreshed while on the move.

The ten mini-sized products in this collection are:

  1. Lotus Splash, 30 ml priced at INR 450: A soothing and conditioning cleanser with lotus and bioflavonoids.
  2. Sugarcane Soak, 30 ml priced at INR 450: A mattifying cleanser with sugarcane and mandelic acid.
  3. Ashwagandha Bounce, 15 ml priced at INR 960: A revitalizing moisturizer with ashwagandha and sodium hyaluronate.
  4. Cucumber Quench, 15 ml priced at INR 960: A soothing moisturizer with cucumber and xylitol.
  5. Gotu Kola Dew, 30 ml priced at INR 950: A revitalizing toner serum with gotu kola and niacinamide.
  6. Bakuchiol Slip, 15 ml priced at INR 1,500: An illuminating face oil with bakuchiol and squalane.
  7. Turmeric Shield, 15 ml priced at INR 930: A protective and soothing sunscreen serum with turmeric and ceramides.
  8. Licorice Beam, 15 gm priced at INR 930: A gentle and clear sunscreen gel with licorice and ceramides.
  9. Patchouli Glow, 15 ml priced at INR 930: A nourishing sunscreen drops enriched with patchouli and ceramides.
  10. Manjishtha Mud, 15 ml priced at INR 700: A clarifying clay mask with manjishtha and bioflavonoids.

The Minis range is exclusively available at All 82°E products are carefully crafted by conscientiously sourcing ingredients, PETA approved, vegan and cruelty-free, and free of sulphates, phthalates, and parabens.

About 82°E: 82°E is on a mission to make the practice of self-care simple, joyful, and effective through high-quality and high-performance products. Born in India, for the world, 82°E launched with a set of skincare products that support the fundamentals of skin health, with ambitions to expand into other categories that support a modern, holistic approach to self-care. Pronounced Eighty-Two East, the brand is inspired by the standard meridian that passes through India and reflects Deepika Padukone’s personal and professional journey as a modern Indian woman who is strongly rooted in her homeland, global in her outlook and appeal and committed to her physical and emotional well-being. Rigorously sourced, carefully crafted and clinically tested: 82°E’s skincare line is made with science and spirit. Each of the brand’s products combines time-tested Indian ingredients with powerful scientific compound(s) to create revolutionary formulas for healthy, radiant skin.


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