Sunday, 21 July 2024


South City International School Celebrates National Doctors’ Day with Enthusiasm and Gratitude

Staff Reporter –

South City International School marked National Doctors’ Day on July 1st with great enthusiasm, celebrating the incredible contributions of doctors and healthcare professionals. The event aimed to honor the dedication, compassion, and expertise of those who work tirelessly to ensure our health and well-being, while also keeping alive the memory of doctors who have devoted their lives to social service. The celebration was thoughtfully organized and catered to students from Lower Nursery to Class 8. The Toddlers, Lower Nursery, and Upper Nursery students dressed up as little doctors, adding a touch of charm to the event. They had the pleasure of a visit from Dr. Subhadeep of Narayana Super Specialty Hospital, who engaged with the young ones, inspiring them with his presence.

For students in KG, Class 1, and Class 2, a comprehensive health check-up was conducted by a team of doctors from Narayana Hospital. This initiative emphasized the importance of health and wellness from an early age. Teachers also shared a PPT presentation to bring about awareness of the history and significance of Doctors’ Day, along with sharing healthy tips to the students.

Students from Class 3 to Class 8 were also part of the celebration. The school curated a special program for the doctors, giving them time to relax and enjoy the festivities. This gesture was a small token of appreciation for their relentless service and dedication. The event was a huge success, filled with joy and learning. It was a wonderful opportunity for the school community to come together and honor the doctors who make a difference in our lives every day.

South City International School extends heartfelt gratitude to Narayana Super Speciality Hospital and all the doctors who participated, making the day truly memorable. We also thank our teachers and staff for their efforts in organizing such a meaningful event. As we celebrated Doctors’ Day, we were reminded of the vital role doctors play in our lives, often going above and beyond to provide care, comfort, and support in times of need. Let us all take a moment to honor and thank the doctors who contribute tirelessly to our health and well-being.

Satabdi Bhattacharjee, Principal of South City International School said, “As we celebrate National Doctors’ Day, we recognize and honor the unwavering dedication and compassion of doctors. Their tireless efforts ensure our well-being and inspire us all. This day is a reminder of the critical role they play in our lives, often going above and beyond to provide care and support. At our school, South City International, we are committed to acknowledging their hard work and contributions, and we hope to instill a similar sense of gratitude and respect for the medical profession in our students.”