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Remarkable Achievement by ALLEN Online Programs’ Avik Das: AIR 69 in JEE (Adv.) & 705/720 in NEET-UG

Staff Reporter –

ALLEN Online Programs is proud to announce the exceptional achievements of Avik Das, who has secured All India Rank (AIR) 69 in the JEE (Advanced) examination with a score of 307/360. Even more groundbreaking is that he also scored a remarkable 705/720 in NEET-UG and topped the West Bengal State Board with 99.2%. Furthermore, he secured AIR 7 in the West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam (WBJEE).

Hailing from Alipurduar, West Bengal, Avik attributed his success to the personalised guidance and quality content provided by ALLEN Online Programs. “ALLEN Online Programs is unique and caters to every student’s individual needs. The dedicated support and resources helped me achieve my goals while staying with my family,” said Avik, whose love for physics was inspired by his grandfather, a math teacher, and also his first mentor. He plans to pursue Astrophysics at IISc Bangalore, renowned for its research excellence.

Abha Maheshwari, the CEO of Allen Digital, said  “Overall, 4 ALLEN Online Programs students made it to the top 200 and 14 in top 500 AIR in JEE (Adv.) 2024 while 5 achieved a perfect 720/720 in NEET-UG. ALLEN Online Programs continues to be a beacon of success, making quality education accessible across India, with the help of AI-powered technology, guiding students towards their career goals.

Nitin Kukreja, the CEO of Allen Career Institute, the umbrella company of ALLEN Online Programs, emphasised the role of advanced technology in their educational programs. “With our state-of-the-art AI-based app, we are building on our 36-year legacy to support thousands of students. The extraordinary results from our first batch of ALLEN Online Programs reflect our commitment to academic excellence,” said Kukreja.

He added, Allen Career Institute has set a new benchmark in transparency and credibility with EY (Ernst & Young) certification verifying the authenticity of these results. This milestone marks the first time such certification has been applied in the coaching industry.


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