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NEET 2024 Results! Nightmare for Deserving Future Doctors?

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The announcement of the NEET 2024 results has ignited a firestorm of controversy across India, with allegations of inconsistencies and transparency issues shaking the credibility of the exam. Claims of question paper leaks have intensified calls for the exam’s cancellation, prompting a petition in the Supreme Court.

The controversy has affected more than a hundred thousand students from West Bengal, as well as countless others nationwide, all battling with the same complex situation.

Many students and their guardians have raised doubts about the validity of NEET 2024 scores, arguing that achieving 718 or 719 out of 720 is absolutely impossible. To define their facts, they shared that each question carries four marks, and an incorrect answer results in a deduction of four marks plus an additional penalty of one mark, making such high scores highly unconvincing.

Questions have also been raised about the unmatched achievement of 67 candidates scoring a perfect 720, with six of them from the same test center. This unusual situation has raised suspicions among students and their families, as previous years never saw more than two or three top scorers. Consequently, the High Court has demanded an affidavit from the National Testing Agency (NTA) for further clarification.

In response, the NTA issued a press release stating that many candidates received ‘grace marks’ due to timing issues, which accounts for the unusually high scores. The agency also attributed the higher cut-off marks to an increased number of test-takers, dismissing all allegations of foul play.

The dissatisfied candidates allege corruption and manipulation behind these statistics and claim the results were released 10 days ahead of schedule, coinciding with the Lok Sabha election results, to cover the alleged irregularities.

A group of deserving budding doctors have voiced their concerns, demanding transparency and accountability in the examination process.

Renowned doctor Kunal Sarkar emphasised the long-term implications, stating, “We must remember that in the next 5–10 years, these doctors will be responsible for our families’ health. We must unite and fight for their future.”

Dr. Arkaadeep Biswas, physician and teacher, stated that in previous years, students securing 600 marks could gain admission to reputable medical colleges, but this year’s irregularities might deprive even those scoring 650 of the opportunity to study medicine.


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